Monday, June 4, 2012

Zoie Palmer

Zoie plays Dr. Lauren Lewis, the human doctor on LOST GIRL.

Zoie Palmer has been heating up the small screen lately as Bo's new love interest on LOST GIRL.


“It was done in a true honest way. It wasn’t about two chicks getting it on it was about a relationship between two people. I think what’s so cool about this show is that it’s really never talked about, we never talked about Lauren’s sexuality, what she is or whether she’s…we don’t know. For all we know she could end up with a guy next season. It’s assumed she’s gay, obviously, but what i mean is..what I love so much about playing this it’s never kind of a issue. It’s just..It is what it is. (points to Anna and herself) These two love each other, (points to Anna and Chris) and these two love each other. They’re people who love each other, and I sorta, really appreciate it about this show.” -Zoie Palmer

“Bo’s sexually isn’t even discussed. I mean she’s a sexual being…creature, but it’s not discussed, it’s never talked about that she’s in a love triangle with a man and a woman. That’s just how it is, and I think that’s what resonated with people, and that’s what’s important to us. I know when Zoie and I started working on the series together, and we knew each other several years before we started on this show, It was important to us and we actually discussed to make sure it was a truthful, honest, relationship. That it wasn’t just…that everytime we saw each other we wanted to take each others clothes off, you know, It had to be real. “ - Anna Silk

“It had to matter” -Zoie Palmer

Usually, Zoie gets roles as a police officer. Some thing official. Her character Lauren on LOST GIRL is compassionate and of course, sexy. Many fan will tell you they can't wait to see Bo and Lauren together. Yet the writers give us an element of surprise in the series.

Zoie was born in England, yet grew up in Canada.



Cafe Fashionista said...

This is the first time that I am hearing about her, or this TV show - I am so behind on pop culture right now. :P

ellie said...

This so is definitely more than just a fantasy.

mazzy may said...

I'm really enjoying LOST GIRL.

FWB said...

Wow, the storylines just keep popping on LOST GIRL!