Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This is a small indie film that went to straight to video. In all honesty, it would make a cool TV show. This felt more like a pilot than anything else.

You've got some very interesting cast of characters in this little film. It centers around Ana Villafan as Joe Russo who is in the Witness Protection program. She's been shipped off to Montana to live with foster parents. Honestly, I believe this happens a lot, in reality. This girl saw who killed her parents in New York City. Still, she's told to tell anyone who might ask..that she's from Seattle.

So here she is living with a single mom and her daughter Lucy (Candace Marie)..who I must admit is a bit of an odd ball, yet I really wished we would have seen more of quirky Lucy in this movie. But this is a young adult film, and Jo is new at school. Soon enough, she meets Jeremy Sumpter's character Brett, that all American football type who's got a bit of a Huck Finn bite about him. Yet, she never waivers to his flirting in the beginning. She finds out from Lucy that his girlfriend has cheated on him. Of course, Zoe (Kelcie Stranahan) wants him back and will go to great lengths to dig something up on Jo. And another world of what Jo really loves, she finds Tyler Blackburn's Jesse in the art room.

Both guys have a lot of potential boyfriend material. Yet, Jo has her past to worry about. Should she even choose? Can she? Especially, if you've got a bad guy after you?

In a sense, there is a lot of formula to this film. And it never gives you what you really want it to give you. One might wonder, did it really have a plan? Still, its a pleasant film. Especially, if you are a Sumpter or Blackburn fan. And its a great way to showcase Ana's talents. I think she'd be great as Emily's cousin on Pretty Little Liars.

The thing about Candace Marie is that she can look older or younger. She made such a quirky geeky friend in this movie. You might miss her in Magic Mike, but she was in a bit part in that movie, too.

This might make a really good family TV show.

STORYLINE: The story here finds a young NYC girl named Jo (singer Ana VillafaƱe, in her first lead performance) who is forced to relocate to Montana after seeing a brutal crime that has resulted in her parents being murdered a heinous act that occurred long before the movie started, and which we are, sadly, not privy to. Finding herself within the confines of a new country school as opposed to an educational facility in the Big Apple, Jo quickly comes under fire from the Mean Girls squad (who are accompanied by the swindling Hotei music and who are shown in slo-mo to boot) as well as gaining the attention of two very different boys: a hick and an artist..But that's all extraneous to the plot of Hiding as there isn't one. While Jo sets about coping with living under a new identity, she is tracked down by a ruthless hitman (Dean Armstrong, Queer as Folk) determined to make sure whatever State's evidence she has (again, we're really not told much about all of that) goes to the grave with her. Jeremy Sumpter, Tyler Blackburn, Dan Payne.



Gianella Peralta said...

She's pretty! Anyway, I think the plot would work better if it's made into series, just like what you've said :)

Ewelina said...

Beautiful girl ;)

meg said...

I want to see this! I love Sumpter and Blackburn!

Cafe Fashionista said...

This seriously sounds like an awesome film - I definitely need to check it out! :)

mazzy may said...

So like the premise of this.

The Preppy Student said...

candace marie is so pretty!

Sara said...

You are right, this does sound like it would have been a great TV show.

Bri said...

Sounds like it could be an enjoyable movie!

Candace Celmer said...

Thanks for watching our movie! We had a blast filming it.

You can always keep in touch with me on Facebook or on

Candace Marie aka 'Lucy'

ivy said...

Wow! So great to get a comment from Candace!