Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Happens

How would have life been if Deena had had the baby instead of Kim?

Krysten Ritter co-authored this screenplay with the director Kat Coiro. Naturally, its an indie feel movie with lots of upcoming actors we like to see in film. Rachel Blison's Laura as the forever virgin roommate. While Ritter's character and Kate Bosworth's Deena are the party girls of nightly mayhem hook-ups. And to think how life changed because of not having enough condoms in the house.

Possibly not your everyday chick flick, yet it is. This is a film focusing on the reality of raising baby which so happens to be Max.

Still can all three learn from Kim's mistake? Or is it just best to embrace the situation and become who need to be for that new person in your life?

Geoff Stults and Justin Kirk also star in this film with Jason Biggs.

Oh, its full of modern romance woes which some will ponder what was ever so romantic about these housemates, anyway? Yet, life unfolds. The film isn't perfect, but that's the way life is.

STORYLINE: Unabashed party girl, Kim(Krysten Ritter), is in for a rush of reality after a one night stand results in unexpected motherhood. Clearly not ready for the dating "buzz kill" that having a baby can bring, Kim eventually comes to realize that being a good parent to a precious little boy has its own rewards..


caitlin and megan said...

What a fun cast. Look awesome.

ellie's desk said...

I so want to see this.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! What an incredible cast! I need to check this out immediately! :)

mazzy may said...

It looks like a fun movie with a lot character!

Ewelina said...

interesting cast!

Chris Ed said...

I muss to see this movie! I love Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson. Lovely review:)
xx chris

The Preppy Student said...

I love Kristen Ritter! this sounds great :)