Monday, August 27, 2012


I hesitated about going to this movie. Oh, I know I've spoke of it more than once. I was excited to see Tom Felton in a movie. Especially, a movie with Ashley Greene and Luke Pasqualino. Such a dream cast. And a horror movie. Basically, its a ghost story.

Unfortunately, it was nothing like I wanted the story to unfold. This is the story about a young couple out in the outback of California or maybe Arizona. Some where, very dry. And they have moved in to her parents house, that is rather new.  And then weird things start to happen in the house. Furniture moving. Doors keep coming unlocked at night.


Of course, before we get to that story, we get a blurb of these ghost hunters on grainy video. Felton plays Patrick and he's experimenting with a couple of other college students about finding the energy of this entity. Of course, I'm not even sure where they are, maybe a boiler room of an old college building. Naturally, things go ary with Patrick and the others. Noises surround them. Things go flying and suddenly, Lydia Julianna Guill is sucked in to the wall of darkness..and gone.

Slowly, these two stories enter-connect. Still, you are left with a lot of confusion.

The story would have been far more interesting if it would have just been Patrick's story. How he came about these theories. The high tech end of it. What does this entity want? And how can they break away from it?

“The Apparition” was a terrible movie but I’ve gotta admit that the marketing team succeeded in that they made an awful movie seem great through the trailers. But the trailers included all the “scary” parts and so everything else in the movie was… well, pointless. It was a short 1 hour and 22 minutes full of bad acting, bad writing, a bad plot (seems like I’ve seen that plot before), and just bad everything.-aubrey

How Weird Is It...
That Tom Felton is going to be in a movie called ‘The Apparition’? Just thinking about Apparating and Harry Potter. -Loo

If you watched the trailer, you've probably seen the best parts of the movie. Its just sad that Felton couldn't have been in the movie more. I'm not sure why they relied on Sebastian Stan. Although, I'm pretty sure Thomas Dekker couldn't have saved this movie, either.


It was just confusing. Naturally, Greene sizzled on the screen. Of course, you wanted to scream at the screen "THIS IS A BAD TIME TO HAVE YOUR CLOTHES OFF!" Not that the movie was R rated, either. And the ending..was that really an ending? Strange and pathetic.



mazzy may said...

Oh, I just wanted a Tom Felton movie.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Well, it sounded promising. I'll probably still see it for Tom Felton and Sebastian Stan. :D

lucy and sarah said...

Too bad. I was hoping it would be good.

Chris Ed said...

Ok, so dream cast is no guarantee for a good movie. I want to see a really good and scary horror movie soon...

Clara Turbay said...

nice blog. love it!

MOSAMUSE said...

that first pic looks WWWAAYY to scary for me!