Sunday, August 5, 2012

Degrassi Notes

New characters and new situations on this summer's Degrassi. Becky and Luke Baker move in. They are the pastor's children. Luke is on the hockey team. Becky is just trying to fit in with her perky attitude. Becky played by Sarah Fisher. Luke played by Craig Arnold. picture source

The phone call Becky received from her friend was just a ploy for the writers to get her out of the room, obviously. But the best thing about this call was that it showed that Becky is genuine, she’s real. Her frosting on the cake personality is a little too sweet for some people, but at least that’s who she really is. Apologizing to Jenna about it, asking her friend if she won her cheer competition, all actions that would indicate she is a caring friend. Someone who does look out for people and wants them to be happy. I was irritated with Becky at first (even with the knowledge of her upbringing), but that simple phone call reassured me that she is a good person, she is a sweet person. She’s not pretending or trying to be condescending. I don’t think she gave Dave that pamphlet to sabotage Eli’s play. I think she gave him that pamphlet because in her mind, not many people would want to take part in such a “preposterous” production, unless they could relate to it themselves. Because everyone knows Tristan is gay, which means Dave is probably gay too. And gay is wrong in Becky’s eyes. She’s really just being the only Becky Baker she’s ever known. And as others have pointed out, that’s not her fault. Maybe someone will show her the way, but I have a feeling she won’t have a hard time figuring it out for herself.-paula sparks


Degrassi started out with a bit of a bang Drew was trying to break up with his rehab aka school president girlfriend Katie at a kegger party and somehow ended up having sex with her, but had no memory of it. Unfortunately, Drew just isn't a stupid jock. He might have gotten dumb from a head injury. He can't focus at school, yet he can sell high tech phones at the mall.

Eli and Clare are back where we want them. Maybe
Luke gets tempted by Jenna.
Jenna might be a little warped about God's Way.
Graphics from Becky&Luke Baker.

Eli is on top of the world with Clare and his new play that doesn't settle with his new arch nemesis Becky. He's NYC art school bound. credit
Clare adores her new mentor, Asher, at the newspaper. But not for long.
Degrassi confessions
Cuteness avails! Maya is a music geek. Campbell is far from home and a humble hockey player. I love their awkwardness together. photo credit
Jake and Katie all grown up and still on Degrassi. They are showing us GREEN awareness with a bit of a love story, too. 

Lets not forget about fabulous Tristan who got the lead in the play..playing Juliette ..thus turning the play into Romeo and Jules.
Tori and Zig are showing what couples do. Dash and Dine..oh a lesson learned. More in love ..than ever.
Degrassi Confessions

 At least KC is getting a bit of a storyline. His Dad is getting out of jail finally, but he's not so happy about it.

Religious Becky meets transgender Adam. Things could get awkward. (credit)
Things might get wicked this coming week with Degrassi and their new hockey team.



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