Friday, August 24, 2012

MTV's the Inbetweeners

MTV’s US remake of Channel 4 comedy series The Inbetweeners debuts in the states this August, and to whet the American audience's appetite, a first cast picture has now arrived online. As you can see, it shows the US versions of Simon (Bubba Lewis), Will (Joey Pollari), Neil (Mark L Young) and Jay (Zack Pearlman) complete with traditional car door and briefcase accessories.
So, first impressions then. What do we all make of tall, dark, and handsome Will, gurning podgy Jay and a Neil that seems to be channelling his namesake from The Young Ones?-Den of Geek

But "The Inbetweeners," which premieres on Monday, August 20 at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV, will differ from the original in some ways. British football will be replaced with American football and Jay will be plumped up to be the heaviest of the four main characters..-Huffington Post

The first episode is practically the opening episode of the original show. And yes, Bubba Lewis' Simon is a lot like Joe Thomas' Simon. I've heard rumor the two are friends in real life. Still, I have to say I prefer the Brittish sex talk over American, any day. Saying this, there is still a lot that is fun about the show.

Although, I felt the scene stealer just might be Mark L. Young as Neil. But then we all know just how lucky Neil was and it will be interesting to see if Young can keep up with the kind of physical comedy the original gawky Neil could some how appear out of no where..and almost be charming in such an innocent way.

Honestly, Joey Pollari is quite adorable as Will. Although, he is no Simon Bird who was so good at being that student who was such a smart ass, yet wanted to be included.

I have no idea how the original Inbetweeners were casted. But they certainly had a way is such little time to show case such impossible characters. As one one friend informed me..."We weren't suppose to like these people.." But still it did make me smile how we saw how Simon could be such a good mate, yet awful pouty to his family. And as much as Jay could be so awful with his sex talk and all the things he'd lied about his manhood, still you very much saw this complex male who really might make a wonderful boyfriend if ever really given a chance (OK, it might have been a small chance).

  • Joey Pollari wasn’t horrific in his portrayal of Will. He was actually cute. He has clearly watched Simon Bird and developed some of his mannerisms. 
  • Bubba Lewis is adorable and was decent as Simon too. Somehow I could tell he was from Georgia by his accent, so now I am a little biased towards him.
  • They played really good music throughout the episode.-dude face

So this American bunch is in no way going to make friends very well with those who loved UK's Inbetweeners. Still I want to see what happens with these character. Although, at the moment Zak Pearlman might be my least favorite. But I have a feeling the creators want it that way.

Hopefully, this a show that won't get thrown under the bus at MTV. If only they could reconsider bringing back I JUST WANT MY PANTS BACK.

I’m not totally opposed to the inbetweeners us after watching the first episode. it’s not nearly as bad as i thought it would be.
i might just continue watching it to see if i like it more next time.
it’s not the train wreck skins us was.-all the pretty little lights



caitlin and megan said...

I have watched the first episode 3 times now. Mainly, it was an accident. I'm not sure these guys have the caliber of acting skills as the originals. Still, I like to see just where the American version can go. Hopefully, they'll do their own take.

Chris Ed said...

Never heard of this show! Nice review!

Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks awesome; I HAVE to check it out!! :)

Ewelina said...

Must check it out!

Sara said...

looks like an awesome show!

MOSAMUSE said...

looks like a great show.. i havent seen it yet!!
happy wknd!