Friday, August 17, 2012


SLiDE is Australia's answer to SKINS, perhaps. Although, it doesn't have quite the stories nor character development that the original SKINS exposed us too. Still, its a story about teens, hooking up, having fun, developing friendships and even relationships.

This is the story of five teens who possibly make every episode a moment on Holiday. Or perhaps, try too.

Ed: “If i’m desperate i can show Scarlett my butterfly”
Tammy: “Ed i don’t even want to know what that is…”
Ed: “Its a swimming stroke…Get you mind out of the gutter”

Quite possibly the center of it all is Ed Newman (Ben Schumann). Even so there might be more people dancing and clubbing than anything else.

Gracie Gilbert

The show also stars Gracie Gilbert and Emily Robins. They play Tammy and Scarlett. Although, it might be Emily's character Scarlett that is the scene stiller. Yet, I love Tammy's friendship with Ed..that actually makes the show for me.

Of course, we might be coming back for more because of EYE-CANDY. Brenton Thwaites supplies that as Luke.

We are hooked on H20 and Dance Academy on TeenNick. Maybe we'll be addicted to this show too. 

Slide on Teennick



Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, this show looks so fabulous! Ed reminds me a bit of Chuck Bass from 'Gossip Girl'. :)

ellie said...

Honestly, I had the same chuck bass thought..hehee..

I really love Ed & Sammy in this show. I can see why the critics find it a bit of fluff. Still, its an interesting show. I can't wait to watch more.

Chris Ed said...

I´ve never heard of this show before. Seems like a cool one:D
happy weekend!

meg said...

Ben's quite adorable! as Ed.