Monday, September 24, 2012


While some may call it a new Bridesmaids type of movie, this film has a bit of a darker edge to it. One might even wonder if these girls are actual friends to the bride played by Rebel Wilson. Its not that... her so called high school friends are exactly mean girls. The fact is they are so into being their destructive selves. Even a decade after high school. And it doesn't help that Becky, the girl they called Pigface in high school because she's overweight, is the first to get married to the real deal prince charming Dale (Hayes MaArthur).

James Marsden's Trevor was quite the cad as the best man in the movie.

Of course, its hard to say who is the worst off friend. Isla Fisher's Katie is in dead end retail and perhaps has lost one too many brain cells to drugs, or Lizzy Caplan's Jenny.. who think she has life figured out, but still she forgets days and who she might even be... due to her self-loathing. And there is Kirsten Dunst as Regan who has a love hate relationship with Becky.

Rebel Wilson is the kind of celebrity you wish you were friends with in real life,-crushabledotcom

stay gold

They are all fucking awful people, yet I loved every minute of it. -watchfulandinwonder

burning down your house

I've always been a big fan of Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan together on screen ever since PARTY DOWN. These two deliver their complicated high school love life. While some parts are gritty and edgy and possibly a redundancy of the F bomb and other sluty vocab, there are a lot laughs to. Yet you might find the storyline a bit cold hearted with the mishap of Becky's wedding dress and the deadline of getting it to the wedding on time.

A constant battery of one-liners keeps comedy in the foreground while tension simmers in the background. Fischer is the buoyant, laugh-out-lound source of dumb (red head) comedy. Her physical stunts and doe-eyed confusion recalling Goldie Hawn and Lucille Ball. Meanwhile, Caplan’s sharp quips fall on the other end of the intelligence spectrum, providing a nice balance.-chickcrit

But then you have scenes of Manny (Katie's co-worker best friend played by Andrew Rannells who so happens to be in NBC's New Normal) that really make parts of the movie priceless. Other parts are very dark and so sad. Yet its one roller-coaster of a ride that keeps you watching and smiling before long.

STORYLINE: Three friends are asked to be bridesmaids at a wedding of a woman they used to ridicule back in high school.



Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE Kirsten Dunst, so this movie currently tops my must-see list!! :)

ellie said...

It was a very interesting dark comedy.

MOSAMUSE said...

im excited to see this!! for sure!