Monday, September 3, 2012


Lawless is a movie about a forgotten era. OK, so there is Empire Boardwalk, but honestly its a slice of Americana of how some brothers got by during the prohibition era and the depression. The movie is based on a true story about the Bondurant brothers. The narrator is Jack (Shia LaBeouf), the youngest brother.

Just went and saw Lawless with the Husband, and it always floors me when Guy Pearce plays a bad guy.
Subtle things like his voice and his shaved eyebrows and weird cut part all the way to his germ-phobia. Creepy and unsettling from head to toe and somehow managed to make a bunch of hill billy moonshiners look down right civilized.
I love him. Oh, and I don’t think that I need to mention that Tom Hardy stole the show, I hope. Where Guy Pearce was making you uncomfortable, Tom was doing the same but breathing out this Don’t Mess With My Family Papa Bear vibe while rocking the gnarliest old man sweater ever.-videoactiongirl
Tom Hardy has such a powerful onscreen presence. He’s a gift from the gods.-rachel
Such a beautiful Bromance between Cricket & Jack!

His oldest brother is Forrester, a man of few words. Its a bootlegger's story, but the script is written in such a wonderful syntax of its time and there are plenty of unique stories that intertwine in the brother's lives and the women they meet.

The cold intermittent touch of snow on his face reminded him of that night at the County Line, which for some reason always brought him a comforting feeling. He had been afraid as he knelt there in the parking lot, he was afraid of dying, and this thought made him want to go back to his bedroom and lie on the narrow cot with his blankets pulled up to his chin. They would have to go through with it. Once disorder was introduced to the world it could not be undone.
Matt Bondurant (The Wettest County in the World)

There is the side story romance of Jack courting the preacher's daughter(Mia Wasikowska). Along the way comes a wonderful soundtrack of blues and grass-root tunes.

DeHaan & Pearce both did exceptional performances in this film!

The main story is Charlie Rakes (Guy Pearce) who comes to the country to take care of the bootleggers. Of course, the local law doesn't find much to like about this deputy. Rakes hits the Bondurant brother's opperation, but somehow they always come bounce back with better 'white lightening', thanks to Cricket Pate (Dane DeHaan) perfecting the mechanics of their operation.

Jessica Chastain's Maggie finds Forrester's heart. Hardy definitely played a man of that era. While LaBeouf definitely made dandy effortlessly in his performance as Jack.

Lawless has been the best movie of 2012 so far. Every single scene was amazing. Every scene drove the plot. Every fight, I was holding my breath, and not figuratively. I didn’t realize until the scene was over and I exhaled, that I had actually stopped breathing. There was no music, just the boots on the wood of the floor, the sounds of flesh hitting flesh, and the heavy breathing. It put me in the scene.-Jim

There is plenty shoot'm ups yet the realm of realism plays just as much a part in this film. It definitely had an amazing historical feel to it. Hopefully, its a film that will get an Oscar nod of some kind. I was pretty sure it was just going to be a guy's movie, but this film has something for everyone without making it a slosh pit of a dirty past.

It felt authentic, and so were the performances. I'm glad I took a chance on seeing this film.

My relationship with Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy, on and off-camera, was great from day zip. We are the type of actors who develop character through our interactions. As soon as I was on-board, Shia sent out some texts and pictures and it was just a “let’s get stuck in it” attitude, which is how I like to work. Tom is a very ferocious actor, in terms of his pursuit of character and truth and the choices that he makes. Both of them give you so much to work with that it makes your job easier. That was a joy.-Jason Clarke (He played Howard ..the other brother in the film)

STORYLINE: The three Bondurant brothers run a bootlegging operation during the depression, up in the mountains of Franklin County, Virginia. Crooked Special Deputy Charles Rakes is after a share of the brothers' profits. Compounding their troubles, the local competition is elbowing in on their activities. Forrest's boisterous defiance and Cricket's knack for moonshine production help the brothers gain a local monopoly. When Forrest is wounded as tension with Rakes escalates, Jack, initially the timid one, must prove his worth against gangster Floyd Banner's mob, and we see him metamorphose into a cocky exhibitionist in his attempts to woo the off-limits preacher's daughter, Bertha.



MOSAMUSE said...

i haven't seen Lawless yet...its good u think its the best movie of 2012...i have to check it out!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm seriously dying to see this film now - it looks fantastic!! :)

Winnie said...

My sister is keen on seeing this. I watched the first season of Boardwalk Empire but then never carried on with the second - I mean, it's brilliant and everything but I guess it just wasn't good enough to keep me coming back for more!

ellie said...

This was so much better than Boardwalk Empire. I liked that the story was about brothers in the country..not really wanting to be part of the city life.

Chris Ed said...

I want to see this movie! Your review is just amazing!