Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rachel Crow

Oh, that little five foot wonder from America's X-Factor is taking a stand with many who are going to start the school year off right. Its time to say NO to BULLIES. And she's doing it with her Mean Girls song.

"Mean Girls," the first single, co-written and produced by Toby Gad (Beyoncè, Alicia Keys, Fergie), speaks to all those kids who have been bullied. She reminds the bullies with a resilient voice that this girl won't be broken. "Gonna just comb you out of my curls," she sings on this bittersweet anthem.

This song brings me back to HS and brings back so many bad memories.. /: ):
I love this song though.- thegreatestthingever

Crow pulls from some tough experiences of her own for "Mean Girls." "School was hard for me," she says, "because I lived in a small farm town and I was so out of the box that I didn't feel like the other kids really understood me...I really want to not only inspire kids who have been bullied, but I also hope to inspire the kids that do the bullying to stop that behavior."


Rachel Crow


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Cafe Fashionista said...

She is so incredibly adorable; and so full of talent!! :)

rxforfashion said...

Meanness and Bullying, you're out!!!
I can just imagine Heidi Klum on PR.
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Say no to Bullies!!

MOSAMUSE said...

love seeing her do her thing!

meg said...

she is so adorable and talented!