Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ben & Kate

I will confess...this is my favorite new show on FOX. I love the cast. The writing is wonderful and the acting is at its best with these bunch of people.

This is the guy to watch for. He's great on the show and Ben's best friend. Tommy aka Echo Kellum!

Ben (Nat Faxon) and Kate (Dakota Johnson) are brother and sister. They feel like true brother and sister too. Neither one is perfect, yet they have a certain kindness about them too. And it doesn't hurt to have some great support from Lucy Punch and Echo Kellum. Also Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Maggie, Kate's daughter, is so adorable!

Dakota Johnson is showing she's a true actress even if her parents are Don Johnson and Melody Griffiths. She is the level headed one with a young daughter. Her brother Ben comes back home to stop his ex-girlfriend's wedding. Still, he's looking out for his little sister in the long run even if he is quite a free spirit.

The show is brought to you by the people of THE NEW GIRL. Honestly though, I think the show is a whole lot funnier than THE NEW GIRL. I love the characters. Especially, the support players. It seems to have a right combination of real life situations and quirkiness. I hope  FOX keeps this Fox family going.



meg said...

I do love this show!

Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks like such a humorous new sitcom. I definitely need to check it out. :)

ellie said...

One of my favorite shows this season.

Chris Ed said...

Really cool show! and of course review!

Molly ♥ said...

Haven't seen this show, will be looking out for it now though.