Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gossip Girl

Trouble brewing with Sophia D'elia's Sage!

They are only giving us very few episodes this season. Like 10. Of course, this season is more tongue and cheek that ever. Listen carefully, and you might find the fun of the season. I loved Blair's joke about Serena not being country strong.

Chuck always so dapper!
Seriously can we talk about Blake’s boobs in this dress. For just one second? No okay, I’ll be envious alone. -N

The Gossip Girl season 6 premiere was actually pretty good. Curious to see how it’ll continue and how the show ends. :3-mylovefortelevision 

Hope Jenny comes back.

Of course, everything is so twisted this season. Different coupling. Dan on his own with Georgina. What will happen?

The sad state of things. Watching G.G. or any of your other guilty pleasure shows on TV is what keeps the rating up. Not when you watch the show online. This is one of the reasons why Gossip Girl is ending in its 6th season.

I’d rather have Dan insane with Georgina than end up with Serena, to be honest.
So, let it be it!-complex girl

will gossip girl have a flashforward scene like o.t.h,smallville,dawson creek,charmed, when all those shows had finale’s-1charmer 

Ivy is still around being quite the manipulator. Especially, with Rufus!

You know, you'll miss G.G. once its gone. So you'll want to be sure to catch all the latest episodes of this final season.



meg said...

It will be fun to see where the show goes this year.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I cannot believe Dan's with Georgina. And how awesome does Serena's hair look in that side braid? LOVE!! :)

Sara said...

HAHAHA, that guy getting slapped! I still want to watch this show. If anything, for the clothes! :P

Krystal said...

i've successfuly stayed away from gossip girl because i know i'll get addicted! and p.s. thank you for your congrats on wesley!!

MOSAMUSE said...

i just watched the show!

Chris Ed said...

Really lovely post for all the fans:)
I love this show!
kisses chris