Saturday, October 13, 2012


The Good Old Days!

Back in 2007 MTV came out with a short lived 30 minute show about a pop star and her band. It was created by Debrah Joy Levine. Unfortunately, she hasn't had too many hits since Lois & Clark. However, you get to meet Cory Monteith before GLEE.  Also you'd meet the other part of Bonnie Dune, Justin Wilczynski. Add Secret Circle's Jessica Parker Kennedy as Kaya's best friend and you have almost a soap operish psydo-documentary show. Maybe.

Lia didn't get any scenes with Tyler Rorke. Her scenes were mainly with Eddie Duran on Hollywood Heights.

Kaya is Danielle Savre who showed up in the last few episodes of Hollywood Heights as Lia.

Danielle's Kaya is moody and yet down to earth. She doesn't want to be a sale out. Her band is afraid she'll abandon them as fame comes a knocking. Yet, she truly is haunted by her little sister, Kristan (Alexia Fast) who was killed in a car crash.

Why it didn't work?

Alexia Fast

Perhaps. they should have built more of the story in flashbacks of her sister. Perhaps, not have given so much to Kaya early suddenly want to snatch it away from her... if she didn't do what the producers wanted.

Joe McLeod, Danielle Savre, Justin Wilczynski, & Cory Monteith

Its hard to say what would have made the show better. It was on MTV, to begin with. Still, its a show worth watching if you have a hankering to see where some of these actors you know and love, came from. Honestly, Justin Wilczynski is a natural on camera. The show did prove that the cast did make friends and are still helping each other out.



meg said...

I think I'd watch it faithfully now..if I had a chance.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Danielle is gorgey. This show definitely sounds interesting - the flashbacks remind me of Lily on 'Veronica Mars'. :)

Anonymous said...

Sad I missed this show now !

FWB said...

You can find this show at the MTV website.

Syd said...

I so want to see this show.