Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lucy Punch

Lucy Punch is on a new show. Fox's Ben & Kate. She plays Kate's friend BJ. I so love how she can deliver a line. It doesn't matter in what accent, either. She is definitely a wonderful character actor. I've loved her ever since the ill-fated sitcom on CBS, CLASS.

You might remember her in the movie HOT FUZZ or Dinner For Schmucks.

 She was also in BAD TEACHER with Cameron Diaz and was quite the scene stealer.

She grew up in London, but now lives in L.A.

She was a member of the National Youth Theatre back in England in her late teens where perhaps, it was there she learned her perfect timing in Comedy..or maybe, it comes natural to Lucy.

from the Wedding Video!


Cafe Fashionista said...

I absolutely adored her in the film Ella Enchanted!! :)

Sara said...

I saw most of the first episode of Ben & Kate and I really liked this girl!

meg said...

She's so fun. I really enjoy her work.

Anonymous said...

She's the best ! I loved her performance as Ms. Squirrel in Bad Teacher.

chazzehhh said...

I love this woman, she's so funny! It must come naturally to her, it certainly looks like it does!


MOSAMUSE said...

very pretty!!

Chris Ed said...

I want to see this show! And she is really great actor!