Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Soul To Take

I can't think of anyone better than Wes Craven to make your Halloween a scary one..without at least one of his movies. This one came out in 2010 with Max Theirot and John Magaro. In a sense its a bromance that goes to the edge


I have to say this is my favorite John Magaro movie. His Alex is such a complex character. He just can't catch a break at school. Bullied yet a good best friend to Max's Bug.

After all this time Bug is still clueless about his Dad and the night he was born.

Bug just might live with the sister from Hell, Fang.

Storyline: 16 years later on the day the Riverton Ripper murdered his wife and went missing, the seven children born on that day are haunted by the Ripper and he slowly begins to kill them off, while only Bug (Thieriot) has the power to save his and his friend’s lives.

Honestly, I don't think the story would have worked if anyone one else had written or directed it. There are some fun parts to the movie. Add the suspense and the slasher factor and the story moves along just the way Wes would want it too.


Its definitely a psychological thriller.

It had the generic horror movie characters: the jock  played by Nick Lashaway, the popular hot girl played by Paulina Olszynski, and even the religious girl played by Zena Grey. Perfect crew of high school kids that are completely disposable. I also like Max Thieriot as the hero of our film, he gave a decent performance and helped the movie progress with his quirky role that always had you on your guard as you weren’t so sure about his character.-Darren

On one hand, some of us did notice the sexual tension between the two and would love to demand a rewrite where these two hooked up in the end, but that would have been another genre.-Meg (credit)

“I am the condor. The Keeper of the Souls. I eat death for breakfast. I live in a house of blood and I accept that. That’s all a man can do. I was ready to be arrested that night. I wasn’t ready for what happened instead. Leah had told them everything and I was celebrated as a hero. Alex Dunkelman killed his stepfather, a cop, a mother, and five of the Riverton Seven. And I alone had stopped him from killing more. I didn’t feel like a hero at all. But if it makes Riverton feel safe at night, I’ll fake that I’m their hero. And I’ll fake it good. Alex wouldn’t have it any other way.”-My Soul To Take  

Wes Craven at work.

Oh, it might not be your perfect horror movie. But is there one out there that isn't a video game or from Japan? If you like a character driven story with a bit of a mystery to it and is in the genre of SCREAM, time to pop that popcorn in the microwave and have a good time with this movie.


All I can say, I've seen worse. It was definitely Max's Bug that saved this movie for me.

Happy Halloween!



cady said...

I'd watch it.

Good point - IS there a horror movie that isn't a remake of something Japanese? They do seem to love the bizarre over there.

ellie said...

I did adore Bug in this movie.

Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks so freaky! :/

Sara said...

I would probably watch it if it came on TV, not gonna lie :P

monica said...

i love halloween but i cant do any of the actual scary stuff :(

MOSAMUSE said...

happy halloween! im SO happy halloween is over.. back to everything pretty and nice lol