Monday, November 5, 2012


As a pilot, Captain “Whip” Whitaker is as cool as a cucumber and as sharp as a razor; I like him!-L

Its kind of a long movie. Over two hours long. But its well worth it when you've got Denzel Washington at the helm. This just might be Oscar worthy, as well.

This is a story that is relevant of what is hitting today's headlines in air travel.

Of course, its a complicated story. Yet you have Washington all full of a range of emotions as he takes on the screen and everyone else in this film.

“Flight,” Robert Zemeckis’ return to live-action filmmaking after nearly a decade of animated films, is mostly a slick and smooth ride, marred by only a few unnecessary jolts of turbulence.-Justin Craig

Flight ensures that Denzel Washington’s Whip Whitaker faces the consequences of his actions, something too few films do. Robert Zemeckis has crafted one of his most profoundly mature films, a dark navigation of an addict who some say may have caused the deaths of six passengers on board a crashing plane. He saved 96, though, which makes his situation tricky; should he be considered a hero, or did he indirectly kill these people, resulting in jail time? He was drunk with BAC of .24 at the time of the crash, and had cocaine in his system, so he wasn’t clean. He says he was fine, but that’s the voice of an alcoholic saying that everything he does is normal. It’s not; he’s destroyed his own life with his wife and son, both of whom appear to hate him, and he can barely maintain a relationship with the beautiful Nicole (Kelly Reilly), who used to shoot heroin but now wants to be clean. Their relationship blossoms and falls all on Whip’s will. He understands what his actions do, yet he can’t fight it; he says he has a choice in the matter, that he decides to drink, but others says the will of God may have a say in that. This is not only a thematically dense film, but one of the year’s absolute strongest efforts; Washington’s performance is magnificent and truly soars, making for one of my favorites so far this year.-Cinematic Shadows

Flight (2012)
Well, that was terrifying. I’m not talking about the film’s overall quality, but that harrowing crash scene in the beginning. There’s just something about an inverted (upside-down) airplane that makes me sick beyond compare.-D
flight was one of the most raw, beautiful & honest films i’ve seen.
i am left with a great desire to be honest in every aspect of my life.
alcoholism is real. it’s a disease with a true poison & i so admire those who have overcome it.-Liz



Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks like an awesome movie - very action-packed! :)

Sara said...

Looks like something Kyle would love, must tell him about it now! :)

meg said...

The beginning sounds so scary!

MosaMuse said...

i saw so many good reviews on this movie! its on my radar as a must see!!