Monday, December 31, 2012

Django! Unleashed!

"The D is silent."-Django

Don't look at this film as an accurate historical movie. After all, it was written by Quentin Tarintino. I look at it as more of an Alternative History, than anything else. And get ready for some long winded dialogue and a rather enduring ending.

Django Unchained has every single element of a perfect Tarantino movie with the added pleasure of being done almost better than he has ever done before. Pulp Fiction is without question his calling card film and it has since become a piece of Hollywood lore and for good reason. That being said Django Unchained may go down at some point as Tarantino's greatest film.-LoveYourMovies

Quentin Tarantino’s remake of Mel Brooks’ classic film Blazing Saddles.-Bete Feroce. Not really, there was a film called Django back in 1966 staring Italian Franco Nero as Django. Some say it started a new genre of movies.

You've got a very fine cast for this film. Definitely Jamie Foxx carries the film as Django, yet Christoph Waltz's character carries Foxx through this saga. Even so, it is definitely another Inglorious Bastard for some who will possibly watch this film again and again. While some will find it a little hard to digest. And definitely will hate that something like this could be made into a film.

Leonardo DiCaprio cut his hand while the cameras were rolling on the set of “Django Unchained”…

Naturally, Leo DiCaprio has the privilege of doing something outside of the box, as plantation owner Calvin Candie. As you watch this movie, it will definitely give you the idea of the suffering of slavery which Tarantino hit the bulls eye with.

It was great to see Kerry Washington as Broomhilde, and of course, the shocking role of Samuel L. Jackson as Calvin's slave and confident, Stephen.

On the down side, the movie is awful long. And there are a few players that never get flushed out during the movie. There were times, one might have thought he'd introduced a character that might be in his next saga. But who knows.

The film does have its controversy, though. "Inglorious Basterds was funny as hell, just because it was about WWII doesn’t mean it had to be accurate. Was Tarantino making fun of all the Jews that were killed in the Holocaust? Absolutely not. Was he making fun of the slave trade in Django? Nope."-the girlfriend

Christoph Waltz is a master of explaining things eloquently while sitting at tables-Future Ancestor

The movie is epic and it has its Tarantino violence that you either love or hate. There is a lot to enjoy about this movie if you've missed Tarantino at the movies. I thought the soundtrack was a great mix of spaghetti western flavor and of course the retro funk, that we love to remember in these kind of films.



Marionetka Mody said...

I have to see it!
I love Tarantino!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I have heard such awesome things about this film! :)

lucy and sarah said...

It is a cool movie..but I do understand its controversy.

Sara Gerard said...

I did want to see this movie!