Saturday, December 15, 2012


Have you used a stove before? Is this your first time?

A new series created by Issa Rae from the popular web-series The MisAdventures of Akward Black Girl. Roommates Tamiko and Jayson find themselves in an compromising dynamic after a night together. The series questions if roommates can indeed be both lovers and friends. RoomieLoverFriends weaves a relatable tale with some amusing twists along the way!-Toan Magazine

So, yeah, I was missing Andre Fuller. His character on L.A. Complex is very complex. And when I found him on the webseries RoomieLoverFriends, it was great to see him take on something entirely different. Actually, this is a very interesting show about Tamiko and Jayson. Andre plays Jayson.

There is just something universal about this show. I won't say it has a European feel to it because it doesn't. Yet, there is something unique about the level of thinking of the show. Sure, you have some very cool characters in the cast. Especially, Tamiko's girlfriends who are either there to support her or possibly to give her a reality check.

Tamiko is played by Shayla Hale. And of course, Jayson (Andre Fuller) is her roommate.

While the first season is on episode 9, each episode is only 10-11 minutes in length, which means you can catch up in no time! We suggest cozying up with your laptop, grabbing some popcorn and getting into the hilariousness that is RoomieLoverFriends-Toan Magazine

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Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks like an interesting premise for a show. :)

ellie's desk said...

I have to admit If found the writer who created this show so much more clever than I ever imagined. I'm hoping good things come her way, as well as the cast, too.