Thursday, December 6, 2012

Silver & Gold

Oh, he's a master of music. Sometimes, its hard to take Sufjan Stevens seriously, but he's giving us a 5 disc set of Christmas songs this year. Oh, how he can spin a song, both uplifting and rather depressing, too. You just never know. Its a surprise in every song.

If you buy the set you get a huge booklet full of old photos and linar notes. Some interesting stuff. Especially, for fans of this music genius.

I’m a Christmas Unicorn! In a uniform made of gold
With a billy-goat beard, and a sorcerer’s shield, and mistletoe on my nose!
Oh I’m a Christian holiday; I’m a symbol of original sin
I’ve a pagan tree and a magical wreath and bow-tie on my chin!
Oh I’m a pagan heresy; I’m a tragical Catholic shrine
I’m a little bit shy, with a lazy eye, and a penchant for sublime
Oh I’m a mystical apostasy; I’m a horse with a fantasy twist
Though I play all night with my magical kite, people say I don’t exist
For I make no full apology; for the category I reside
I’m a mythical mess with a treasury chest; I’m a construct of your mind
Oh I’m hysterically American! I’ve a credit card on my wrist
And I have no home or a field to roam; I will curse you with my kiss
Oh I’m a criminal pathology with a history of medical care
I’m a frantic shopper and a brave pill-popper and they say my kind are rare
But I’ve seen others in the uniform of a unicorn just like me
We are legions wide and we choose no sides; we are masters of mystique
For you’re a Christmas Unicorn! I have seen you on the beat
You may dress in the human uniform, child … but I know you’re just like me

I’m the Christmas Unicorn! You’re the Christmas Unicorn too!
(I’m the Christmas Unicorn; it’s all right, I love you!) -Sufjan Stevens

I do adore his work. Every Christmas I  make sure he's on my playlist. Perhaps the songs won't be classics, yet I think he truly finds the real meaning of Christmas even if its not in the element of Bing Crosby. There is a certain truth in his story telling. And he definitely has fun arranging music, oh so differently.

Some of the time, you think Dr. Suess must have inspired him. Yet, he can have some of the most sincere lyric and melodies that make you wonder how many it took to be a part of the madness and loved every second of it.



Cafe Fashionista said...

LOVE Sufjan Stevens for the holidays!! :)

mazzy may said...

One of my favorites!

lucy and sarah said...

He is a favorite at our house.

caitlin and megan said...

Such an amazing entertainer!

MOSAMUSE said...

i really like this post! so fun!

Chris Ed said...

He is really cool!