Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Mothers

Naomi Watts definitely too hot to handle.
Such choices Xavier Samuel is making in films these days. Definitely, taking chances.

 I enjoy a good cinematic carwreck as much as the next person and Anne Fontaine's film about two friends (Watts and Wright-Penn) who fall in love with each other's sons looks like a rush hour, jackknifed tractor-trailer. How she's going to manage to make this look as anything other than highbrow smut is the real challenge. It doesn't look like it's taking the comedic angle, as did The Oranges in '11 or Blame It on Rio in 1984 (neither that successfully). That means it's likely a drama and hoo-boy, I can't wait to see the wailing and gnashing of teeth and horrible comeuppance that must be sitting like a gargoyle at the end of this film.-Keith

I gotta wonder how this movie will pan out at Sundance, or anywhere. But hey, its got Xavier Samuel.

Someone at Sundance compared “Two Mothers” to “The Paperboy,” and now I NEED to see this movie-withoutapresspass
Never has a promotional photo made me want to see a movie more.  Or maybe just see Robin Wright naked more.-silky bottoms

James Frecheville also stars.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Naomi Watts is incredible - love her! :)

Sara Gerard said...

I kinda forgot all about Naomi Watts!

ivy's closet said... too Sara..omg Xavier.