Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beware the Gonzo

-Beware the Gonzo
Quirky for sure, but Ezra Miller was great again. He got me in Perks of Being a Wallflower, and he completely transformed into Gonzo - the newspaper smart Alec nerd out for revenge. It was great and funny. He definitely made the film even though he is surrounded by great freaks, geeks, and dorks who hold their own.-Watch&Dread

If you haven't seen this Tribacca film yet, well you need too. If you are a fan of Ezra Miller, then you must have seen it already. If you want to see Jesse McCarthy play the bad guy, well he does so, rather slyly.

Its a film that brings truth to underground journalism. Miller plays Ed "Gonzo" Gillman who's a fierce reporter. Except, his news isn't getting reported in the school newspaper at the prep school he attends. Don't go thinking its just another teen movie. This movie definitely makes a difference.

The cast is great. And it doesn't hurt to have Zoey Kravitz on board as Evie the web designer. Unfortunately, Gonzo just might be booted out of school if he keeps up this underground journalism of his. Of course, McCarthy's Riley is the all around jock and force of the student body. He can play dirty too, since Gonzo is digging up secrets and helping the underdogs.

It’s about a passionate journalist in highschool, Eddie ‘Gonzo’, who is desperate to start a revolution against the school bullies. His articles become a huge hit but eventually things get out of hand when Gonzo is falsly accused of something and is desperate to get back to the top which causes him to hurt a lot of people.-Wallflower blondie

This film has some great writing, great acting and just might be on your favorite list soon.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Now THIS I need to see. Immediately. :)

Sara Gerard said...

This looks cute & quirky!

lucy and sarah said... my favorite part is where he is telling her about his first with someone. Priceless!

Caitlin and Megan said...

You just can't watch it once. Its that kind of movie.

monica said...

im fan of ezra

MOSAMUSE said...

i love that zoe kravitz is in this!