Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister And Pete

 Skylan Brooks stars as Mister in this film written by Michael Starbury. Ethan Dizon stars as Pete. The movie has such an amazing cast with Jennifer Hudson, Anthony Mackie, Jordin Sparks and Jeffrey Wright.

Thanks to these two for getting the movie out there! Alicia Keyes and Jennifer Hudson.

This film is a cross between Spike Lee's Clockers (1995) and Hirokazu Koreeda's Nobody Knows (2004), with a bit of Fresh (1994) mixed in. Based on a true story, Nobody Knows portrays siblings who are abandoned by their mother and forced to survive on their own. Resiliency is a trait of many urban kids. Even in tragedy they were just kids. Mister and Pete doesn't try to let the audience "off the hook". The performances pull you in-Nettrice

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete is a beautifully observed and tremendously moving film about salvation through friendship and the way transformation sometimes can happen just by holding on long enough.-Hereapotter

STORYLINE:Coming of age story about two inner city youths, who are left to fend for themselves over the summer after their mothers are taken away by the authorities.



Cafe Fashionista said...

What an incredible cast! :)

Tallia said...

Definetely seems like something I am willing to watch!

Sara Gerard said...

Sounds like a great movie!

mazzymay said...

Its gotten a really good buzz at Sundance, like in the top 5 movies there.

MOSAMUSE said...

aw i want to see this!!