Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bunhead Notes

I can't believe its already a finale on Bunheads. I truly love this show. Its got a great banter, especially with Michelle. And now Sutton Foster's real life brother (Hunter Foster) is on the show playing the character Michelle's brother Scotty. How cool is that?


This season Liza Weil as Millie (Truly's sister) has definitely stirred up trouble. She's the real-estate lady with all the power in town. By the end of the season both sisters have their eye on Michelle's brother. They haven't a clue what a misfit he really is.

Michelle's love life finally gets fun with Godot (Nathan Parsons). We can only hope we see more of them as a couple and not a fly by night thing. Which has actually been my beef with the show. Sure, I love the conversations between all these women. Still, I'd like to see the happenings with these wonderful coupling on the show.


Like Roman and Sasha. (Julia Goldani Telles and Garrett Coffey)..oh the fan fic is waiting on these two! I loved how she practically made him write an essay on the women of his past. Still, this is a character out on her own for the first time. Still not sure how she accomplishes this and goes to high school. But who cares, we love Sasha and her boldness. Sometimes, she can be so fierce. We think Michelle can learn a thing or two from her.

Also Boo and Carl (Kaitlyn Jenkins and Casey J. Adler), one of my favorite couples on the show. I think of these two being more real to life and all the obstacles Boo puts up with, with her family. Will they take their relationship to the next level?


Then the lesbian factor with Melanie (Emma Dumont). Some say the show will never go there, but the character has a lot of angst in her system. I'm not sure anyone can calm her nerves, as of yet. Of course, there is the mysterious and fabulous Cozette played by Jeanine Mason who is still quite the wild card.

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Seriously though, I was so in hopes we would have seen more of a build up of Ginny (Bailey Buntain) and Frankie (Niko Pepaj). Yet, the ending so surprised me. I was so in hopes there was more to Frankie than just a beautiful guy.

The show definitely leaves you wanting more Bunheads!



Cafe Fashionista said...

I so need to check this show out once and for all. :)

Linda said...

I love Roman and Sasha. If you wrote fan fic..I'd read it!

Tallia said...

I have heard about this show! I should definetetly check it out..its seems like a nice show (:

MOSAMUSE said...

i have to check it out!