Monday, March 18, 2013

Last Exorcism Part 2

STORYLINE:As Nell Sweetzer tries to build a new life after the events of the first movie, the evil force that once possessed her returns with an even more horrific plan.
Do none of the producers understand the meaning of the word “LAST?” I mean, Christ, Eli Roth’s name was on this piece of garbage. How could someone like Eli Roth get behind this swill? This is the guy who made “Cabin Fever,” a sex-filled blood bath that sufficed as my guilty pleasure of 2003. Now he comes out with a sexless, bloodless, cliché ridden attempt to get a few jumps out of the less sophisticated movie-goers. That’s low. Furthermore, the movie itself is complete and utter trash on every level. For the entire first hour of the film, all the script does is cover up for the fact that it’s a sequel.-Cameron
Honestly, in some parts of this film I felt Bell was waaay too old for the part, but I guess a demon might do that to you, after all she's been through. Bell, can definitely look like she's been through torture.-ellie
I also really like Spencer Clark as Chris. As the love interest/hope for normality to Nell, Chris is important in establishing a happiness that the demon could steal away. I love that Clark played the role almost as socially awkward as Nell. It made their affection that much more innocent and sweet.-Horror Movie Medication
The sequel was different from the original in a number of ways. I know the ‘found footage’ style is overdone but I liked the approach taken in The Last Exorcism. At no point did I think it was real but it felt like it could have been (up until the aforementioned atrocious ending, but that’s a story for another review). The majority of the first movie takes place in this small farmhouse in this small town and you really get this claustrophobic feeling that these people are far removed from the rest of society.
The sequel was the exact opposite of all of that. I guess I should give the filmmakers credit for going a completely different route in shooting the movie, but it really took away from the realism that was there in the original. And living in a group home in New Orleans is not nearly as creepy as living in a creaky old farmhouse. There were so many added characters that that ‘removed from society’ feeling didn’t apply. Why the writers decided to completely disregard the few aspects that made the first movie successful is beyond me.-MovieNightEveryNight
I’m not one to give spoilers away but this movie was so genuinely terrible that I don’t feel bad doing it. As the plot unfolds Cecile finds out that Abalam (the EVIL DEMON) is actually literally in love with Nell. As in, he isn’t possessing her to take over the world, that’s just an extra; no, he’s possessing her because he can’t stand living without her. Since when did demons become whiny bitches?
The absolute best part of the film, however, is the ending. The Order Of The Right Hand finds out that part of Abalam’s soul has always been inside of Nell so in order to get him out of Nell’s body, The Order has developed a plan. Their plan is to exorcise Abalam out of Nell’s body and then PLACE HIM INSIDE OF A CHICKEN. I SHIT THEE NOT THEY WANT TO CREATE A DEMON CHICKEN. Then, The Order will kill the demon chicken and rid Abalam for good. 
Time to point out a plot hole. The whole point of the movie is that Abalam needs a vessel to become powerful enough to destroy the world and wants to become one with his high school crush Nell. This SUGGESTS that Abalam is in a weak state. However, the reason why The Order is unable to exorcise Abalam into the poor chicken is because “Abalam is far too powerful.” Because that makes total sense. Since even weak Abalam is too powerful for this apparently useless Order, they decide to inject Nell with a lethal dose of morphine. Before she dies, Abalam appears once more and basically says “Hey babe if you accept my love, we can get out of this mess.” Nell, AFTER SHE FLAT LINES AND DIES, somehow musters the power to grab Abalam’s hand and accepts his love. Now fully possessed Nell goes on a murderous rampage and kills every character she met in the movie.-NerdWithTheWord


Cafe Fashionista said...

The Exorcism films never fail to completely freak me out. :P

Sara Gerard said...

I only saw the very first one and it scared me!

Linda said...

This is just not my kind of movie.

Krystal said...

movies like this freak me out but its kind of fun :)

Winnie said...

Oh my goodness, the chicken thing is so laughable!

Simon and Josh said...

Yes, there are some laughable things about this.

MOSAMUSE said...

too scary for me!

Gianella Peralta said...

Up to this day, the scariest movie I've watched is the Exorcism of Emily Rose. I still haven't built up the courage to watch another exorcism movie..