Sunday, March 31, 2013

Max Thieriot

Max is showing he's really growing up. There was a time when he had more roles like Freddie Highmore, thoughtful and a tad confused about his place in life. Now they play half brothers on Bates Motel.

 Max plays Dylan Bates, the streetwise guy who has his Mom figured out. He's full of angst and money hungry. He's there to explain the 311 on their mother, but will Norman listen?

Thieriot is showing he's got a bite with these new roles he is taking on. We might not ever see that sweet boy again like in My Soul To Take.

He showed what a calm and calculating monster he could be in the movie The House at the End of the Street. When he's on the small screen with Bates Motel, you want to watch his killer swagger. Lets hope they'll keep him on the show.

Perhaps he's not a major villan. What would be even better? The anti-hero.  Here's hoping we see more of Max, especially on Bates Motel!


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MOSAMUSE said...

i dont know if i can watch bates motel... u know im a scardy cat :)