Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Non-Fiction Tuesday

This is National Craft Month. So I thought I'd spotlight NEW DRESS A DAY


Based on her wildly popular blog of the same name, guerrilla seamstress Marisa Lynch shows you how to easily (and affordably!) transform your wardrobe from frumpy to fabulous! With just a snip here and a stitch there, your basement bargains will rival anything in designer collections. Yes, with a little imagination—and DIY tools like needles, thread, and safety pins—you too can update an outdated castoff. Inside you’ll discover how to

• ace the sewing basics (remember: safety first!)
• create DIY designer look-alikes
• cut Flashdance-inspired sweatshirts
• make an old, tired muumuu a smashing must-have
• give bridesmaid dresses a second life
• dye your way to a vibrant new wardrobe
• whip up accessories in seconds
• style the same dress seven different ways

Marisa is not afraid of dying things, either.

Complete with colorful before-and-after photos, fun sidebars, and even a groovy sewing song playlist to get you in the zone, New Dress a Day proves that you don’t need a sewing machine or a big budget to turn unfashionable trash into stylish treasure.

This book is so inspiring! I love how she is the goddess of upcycling!-ellie

Marisa Lynch is a fashion blogger, consultant, and founder of the blog New Dress a Day. A graduate of the University of Southern California, she is a frequent guest on E! Entertainment Television and has appeared on The Early Show and been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Time, and Bust, among other publications. She lives in Los Angeles. 
If you need a class in sewing 101, this is your chance to get the help you need from Marisa!
New Dress a Day
YOU MUST CHECK OUT THIS BLOG. This needs to be my life like real soon, as in I need to exponentially increase my thrifting and sewing so I can be like her. I love love love love love this.-Brit


Cafe Fashionista said...

I NEED this book in my life - the before and afters are insane! :)

Sara Gerard said...

OMG, I NEED THIS! Her blog is too cool!

ellie said...

I love her book. I have it. Its a must have for your craft library. Especially, if you are a die hard thrifter wanting to find your own fashion.

MOSAMUSE said...

these are really great recreations!