Tuesday, April 23, 2013

National Poetry Month

How You Write A Poem
Put pen to paperor fingers to keysand just go: justhazard forth, no reflection,no regret, poems are sprinting,they are fireworks,they are alive,they cannot be bothered with what you thought you thought.That’s one way. 
Another is to wait.Sometimes, poemscan be very still things,quiet, waiting,hiding in the wings,they are tigers,stalking you, coiled, until—streak of insightambushviolenceit’s sudden and ruthlessit’s the wind rushing through youpast youand it’s gone
Or.Or you can work, and work,and work – daily, hourly,a heavy process, constant,the clatter-clack of looms,perpetual and tireless,you collect,and accrue,and invest,and eventually—hopefully—there is discovery.-born to be giant


Cafe Fashionista said...

I love this description of writing a poem: don't think; just do. :)

Sara Gerard said...

This, this was great!

Anonymous said...

Definitely write more. That's the key to poetry.