Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Men

Hard to believe they have a CD that goes all the way back to 1992.  Just last month they came out with New Moon.

Right from the first song, “Open The Door,” it’s apparent that The Men are starting to take a detour away from their signature sound, with bouncy pianos and pretty harmony vocals giving the tune a Nilsson meets The Band vibe.  Being that New Moon was recorded in Big Indian, NY, only a half hour away from Woodstock, comparisons to The Band seem apt, even sought after.  In fact, throughout the first half of New Moon, The Men lean towards a folksier sound overall, perhaps emboldened by their surroundings.  It’s a definite left turn for these guys, but “Open The Door” turns out to be one of their best songs to date.  For the first time, lead vocals aren’t buried in the mix, and singers Mark Perro and Nick Chierricozzi sound warmer and more endearing than on any of their previous records. In addition, new member Ben Greenberg brings his multi-instrumentalist talents to the band, adding shades and texture to a band that formerly relied solely on power.-BuffaBlog

It’s worth noting that Chris Hansell, the bass player and co-songwriter who was responsible for some of the nastiest moments on Leave Home, is not in the band anymore. They’ve replaced him with Ben Greenberg, and gone with him they seems to be some of their propensity for instrumental freakouts. With the exception of the 8-minute closer, “Supermoon,” all the songs on here follow relatively conventional songwriting through relatively conventional structures. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because these guys can write some killer songs; they’ve just changed. And while it’s hard not to miss The Men of 2011 and 2012, The Men of 2013 have something just as interesting and worthwhile to offer.-W
I do love their music, but they are the hardest to find any bio on. So that means, these guys are really about the music, and to let their sound speak for them.
 Last year everyone seemed to rave about The Men‘s third LP, Open Your Heart. Makes sense. It’s a damn fine record. And, following the likes of Ty Segall, they’ve returned almost instantly with a follow-up. It’s called New Moon, and it’s absolutely beautiful.-fensepost

Just don't get their music mixed up with the movie.

The Men


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They are absolutely stunning!

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This is my first time hearing about The Men. :)

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I noticed they will be in our town at the end of the month.

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