Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Awkward won't be back until fall on MTV, but the show really gave us a lot to think about with Jenna.

This season she took creative writing. That's where she met Colin (Nolan Funk) and he really got to her intellectual psyche. She wasn't sure what to make of him. He's a bit of a rich kid/artsy guy with a girlfriend. Soon, he's giving her mixed signals. Or maybe he's becoming her fantasy.
everyone is upset that Jenna cheated but no one seems to be angry that Matty said he was ashamed of her when he and the rest of the school thought she had tried to commit suicide.-CaptainCiara

She's figured out Matty is not the perfect guy.

Mike Fiola plays Jenna's Dad.

Of course, Matty was a upset her at the beginning of the season when she didn't  tell him about the pregnancy scare. Yet a few episodes later he moves in with her family because Jena's Dad tells Matty's parents about their son's sexual activity. Lets say Jenna wasn't too pleased having to share a bathroom with Matty along with wanting just her alone time.

These sort of situations do happen, at least in my neighborhood. I've had some friends who's boyfriends have actually moved in with them when they were pregnant. I did like how the show developed this into the story. Of course, no pregnancy. Still, I like idea that this did not make the relationship stronger. It just goes to show teenagers do need their space. And Jenna needs her space away from Matty, too.

Many of the supporting cast is maturing and have their own problems to deal with. Can't wait for more Awkward.



RaeAbigael said...

very nice! I don't know this tv show though.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I can't believe I still haven't seen this show. :/

ellie said...

This show just keeps evolving..and I love where its many triangles of relationships.

ivy said...

Still shocked what Jenna did!