Friday, June 7, 2013

Cheerful weather for the wedding

 In the tradition of Downton Abbey comes a lovely little film about the English customs of the 30's. The film is based on Julia Stratchey's novel. Basically the theme of the story is what is Happiness, really? What's love got to do with it?

Dolly (Felicity Jones) has a lot on her mind. But for the most part she's hiding her feelings, and she's marrying the man her mother would approve.... Owen (James Norton). After all, times are tough even if Dolly doesn't quite know it, but her mother (Elisabeth McGovern) is looking out for her in the only way she knows how.

The film has such a beautiful backdrop. The costumes amazing and it has that period piece feel to it with the servants and what regular folk were like back then and the Country Manor. And as much prim and proper the film has, there it that quirky side too..of how the family really is just as unique as any family.

I have to admit I thought it would have been funny in a sequel if Joe married Kitty out of spite just.. to get back at Dolly.

Olly Alexander was quite the scene stealer in this film. Wonder whatever became of him?
Olly doing his thing.

Her sister Kitty is played by the giddy Ellie Kindrick who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Oh, but its Olly Alexander who steals moments as the drunk teen who has to find something to do at a family wedding.
Luke on that's a delight in itself to watch him move through the day!
TRIVIA:Throughout the movie, Joseph, played by Luke Treadaway is frequently asked about the difference between two identical twins who were invited for the wedding ceremony (he even mocks of them at some point). In real life, Luke is an identical twin of his brother Harry Treadaway who is also an actor

Of course, there is a love story here. And it all has to do with Luke Treadway's Joseph. Dolly's lover from the past summer. Naturally, he's only a professor. And as much as he loves Dolly, he has to live with the truth that this is a girl who only wants to be rescued from her ordinary life and deep down he's not sure if he could complete rescue her. Afterall, he isn't exactly the marrying kind. He's a traveler and  explorer. Someone that her mother finds dangerous.

Yet, as the film progresses. Dolly keeps her family waiting. Even the groom waiting while she gets drunk upstairs on rum in her wedding dress. And she avoids Joe at all cost.

It was certainly a sweet film. I loved that we saw the flashbacks of Dolly's summer with Joe in a beautiful golden hue. The cinematography was superb!

And some great performances from Eva Traynor as Annie who was Dolly's friend and Mackenzie Crook as part of the wedding party.

Truly, a delightful film. Especially, if you are waiting for a new season of Downton Abbey.

STORYLINE: A young woman frets upstairs in her family's country manor on her wedding day, fearful she's about to marry the wrong man. Downstairs, both her fiancé and her former lover grow increasingly anxious.

Do you ever feel as if you were just reading about yourself? Like, its all in a book from the lending library to be returned when you’ve finished.

—  Cheerful Weather for the Wedding



Cafe Fashionista said...

I absolutely LOVE Felicity Jones! :)

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Its a film you have to see twice because its that good.

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Oh my! Thanks for sharing this! Can't wait to watch!! Love Elizabeth McGovern.

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This totally looks like something I would want to watch!

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I loved this movie!!

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Such a cool film.