Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some day this Pain will be Useful

“Most people think things are not real unless they are spoken, that it’s the uttering of something, not the thinking of it, that legitimizes it. I suppose this is why people always want other people to say “I love you.” I think just the opposite—that thoughts are realest when thought, that expressing them distorts or dilutes them.”

I have to admit..this movie did make me think of Robert Pattinson's HOW TO BE. Except, Pattinson was quirky and very offbeat. He did have his mates, and it was British while this film is a New Yorker's film with Art and culture to eat you up. All the things you wish were Urban. Basically, its a film about the loneliest guy in New York City.

Yes, James Sveck is young and feeling he's at a crossroads in his life. Is he really ready for college? Would it be so awful if all he wanted was to be a tradesman?

Now, his sister(Debra Ann Woll) says he doesn't know what love it. And maybe at times, he doesn't love himself enough because he doesn't really know if he's on the right track or not. And yet by the end, you feel certain he is the only one in the family who knows what real love is. After all, he was the one there for his grandmother when no one else wasn't.

What I liked about this movie most was the idea that we don't know for sure of James' sexual orientation. Although, I don't think it really matters. He has a father (Peter Gallagher) who is rather vain and he'd hate to have a gay son.

James is rather fond of the man who runs his mother's art gallery. And I think what he does is out of love, and nothing more. He would just like to see his friend happy. Although, its interpreted as something else. As if James might be a stalker.

Lets just say Toby Regbo can definitely make depression pretty. Some beautiful moments in the film. would wonder what James would do if he did strike out on his own without the family money. What worked? Toby Regbo and Ellen Bursten as well as with Lucy Lui who is his life coach. I have to say some of it I did find cliche, like his artsy ditzy mom played by Marcia Gay Harden. And I wasn't sure why Aubry Plaza was in the film.

I guess deep down it was a great adaptation of Peter Cameron's novel. But, its not a film for everyone.

STORYLINE: James Sveck is a lonely young adult in the summer before he goes off to college at Brown University. Apart from hanging with his grandmother James prefers solitude. The story is told in the first person narration which helps give an intimate inside view of James as he works through his life at the therapy sessions which his parents insist he goes to. We learn about James's past and present through the stories he tells and his recounting of previous therapy sessions



Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm not sure if this is a storyline I'd be into - but James is nice eye candy. :P

Library Drama said...

Its so much like the book which is a good thing.

Sara Gerard said...

I think I would check out the book first!

Anonymous said...

Its a very sad film.

MOSAMUSE said...