Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Dish and the Spoon

30-something Rose (Greta Gerwig) is about to go off the deep end when she finds out of her husband's digressions. Actually, she goes on a bender with beer and donuts during a roadtrip. And just when she thought she's alone at a lighthouse, she finds out she isn't.

No, we never find out Olly Alexander's character's name other than..boy. And in Rose mind she thinks she's saving him, yet all along its Olly's character that is helping Rose find her balance.

Its an unlikely love story. But the heart of this movie is creativity. That is definitely something Olly Alexander has. He did the additional writing on this little indie film directed by Alison Bagnall who also wrote the screenplay.

Of course, Boy might be a liar. He never exactly tells the truth, but we know he's from London and might very well be a gypsy boy or at least a true Bohemian wondering the world. And he has money.

Rose is full of bitterness, set out to destroy the woman who has slept with her husband, but also begins a journey of someone who needs to find herself, and she just might with Boy.
What? Am I not attractive enough to be a male prostitute?
—  Olly Alexander’s character in The Dish & The Spoon (Alison Bagnall, 2011)

There was so much I loved about this movie. Especially, Olly Alexander's performance and of course, his talent of banging out a tune on a little keyboard to finding a piano to sing with old timers. Oh, and I must not forget how he can be light on his feet when it comes to old dances, too.

Still Greta's Rose was so harsh. Yet, I'm sure it was meant to be. Since, that was initially the essences of the film, making her find herself, again. And I think the film accomplishes this. Still, I wanted more between Rose and Boy. Naturally, I wanted to see where Boy might go. As it was, he could have possibly been just a figment of her imagination.

STORYLINE: Reeling from her husband's affair, Rose collides with a marooned teenager in a boarded-up Delaware beach town.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Olly Alexander is kind of adorbs. :)

Sara Gerard said...

This looks really good!

Lucy and Sarah said...

In love with those curls!

Anonymous said...

I so love Olly!!!