Friday, July 12, 2013


From Down Under comes a summer replacement show on Wednesday nights at NBC. Nancy Griffith stars as the quirky owner and director of a family camp. Naturally, we get to know the counselors and camp kids and all the behind stuff it takes to keep a camp going at Little Otter.

camp on NBC

You just might want to watch if you've missed Tom Green who was on Dance Academy. Also Tim Pocock is one of the counselors too. Really, its a fun show with a story and all the entanglements that come with friendship and of course, love.

Look for Jordan Rodriguez to play Craig in up coming episodes!

Charles Grounds plays Buzz the camp director's son, who is immediately somber Kip's new best friend. He gets in funny situations and may not be the best son in the world, and yet there is something caring about him.


The show has grownup and teen storylines. So seriously, the show has something for everyone. And if you've always wanted to go to camp..or wish you were there..well, just let NBC take you there on Wednesday nights this summer.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I totally know I would love this show! :)

Sara Gerard said...

Looks kinda cute!