Monday, July 29, 2013

The Way Way Back

This is definitely my favorite movie this summer. Granted its not going to be the block-buster. Sometimes, those films can be just exhausting. But a comedy drama like The Way Way Back just might have more poignant moments of real life that hits you where home is.

Liam James is a natural as Duncan. There is something so animated about him, although, you don't think so in the beginning with that sullen face of his. But that's just how Duncan feels about his Mom's new boyfriend Trent (Steve Carrell). Possibly, you've met someone like Trent. He's the kind of dad who has no control over his teenage daughter that he might see twice a year while he wants to be that Dad that Duncan never had. Although, when Trent is talking about Duncan, one might one later if he's just talking about his real self. Maybe he doesn't like himself at all.
"You’ve got to go your own way, and you, my friend, are going your own way."

This is a great character movie for Sam Rockwell. I've been wanting to see this side of him in a long time. He's Owen who is likeable from the get go. After all he owns the water park by the beach. And its at the water park that Duncan makes his new home and new friends.
"You’re having way to much fun. It’s making everyone uncomfortable."

Of course, there is that girl next door, who's on vacation too. AnnaSophia Robb gives such an earnest performance as Susanna. Its the kind of movie that feels very real where its the little moments that count.

Its a movie about grownups who haven't quite grownup. Toni Colette shows her softer side as Duncan's mother and as tensions rise..which side will she take? Alison Janney is the zany Betty who is full of one liners and just might be too drunk to even know it.

This was definitely one of those films you'll go to if you like indie films, the little films, the films where actors can show their skills naturally. I'm glad I didn't miss this one.



Cafe Fashionista said...

I read about this film in Teen Vogue - it sounds fantastic! :)

Sara Gerard said...

I just heard about this, looks really good!

ellie's desk said...

Loved this movie!!!