Thursday, August 1, 2013

Family of the Year

Out of L.A. are Joseph and Sebastian Keefe who were born in Wales. Also with the band is James Buckey and Christina Schroeter. They are a folksy kind of group. Americana might be a better name for them. 

In 2010 they came out with the EP Through the Trees which got a lot fans hooked on the way make music. Yet their is something classic pop about their music as in The Smiths and The Byrds and Fleetwood Mac.

“We inspire each other,” says Sebastian. “It was important for this record to be something that would stand up as one piece, rather than something that sounded like songs strung together. We really wanted to have a record with a clear identity.”



Cafe Fashionista said...

I absolutely love their sound. And Christina is just gorgeous! :)

Sara Gerard said...

I saw them in Detroit last month for free! They were with Serena Ryder and Metric, very sweet band!