Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fiction Tuesday - Breaking Up

I've read a lot of Kate Cann over the years. This British YA author was even a bit of a controversy in our little heartland library some time ago...Ready, Sex ..Go (Love trilogy). And the titles were changed some time ago along the lines of Diving In. Many of her works you can get in paperback. I was a little let down when I couldn't find much of her work through e-books. Paperback or not, she is one author I still find as one of the best when it comes to YA reads. Afterall, most of her books have been published in other languages. So when I came across a title in e-book format on Amazon, I had to download it.

Now, Cann is not afraid of any issue. Granted, to some, it might be summer reads with her Grecian Holiday and Spanish Holiday. Still, she gets to the truth of the nature of real relationships. You aren't going to get fluff.

She is writing storylines that are trending as of late, the supernatural as in witches. Still, she does her research and even in her fantasies, they are rich with history. But Breaking Up deals with coping with problems in real life.

Breaking Up

However, I do like getting back to the real kernel of her writing..finding your sense of being as a female and as a person. And you'll find that in her writing in BREAKING UP.

The story had me going from the first paragraph. Felicity is full of angst. There is trouble brewing at home. Her parents fuss all the time. She only has opera music to turn to in her room..and of course, Simon. Her sort of boyfriend.

have you ever...

He's worshiped her from afar. And now she's with him. He listens. He really listens. Which she loves about him. Although, he's younger and they've made a pack they won't be affectionate at school. Just on Wednesday nights when she comes over to his place.

The more her parents blow up, the more she needs Simon. But is he enough?

He says he loves her, but he's young. A year or so younger than Felicity. Yet, they are best friends. And she needs for him to listen. She doesn't want him having fun with his mates. Besides, she isn't having fun, dealing with the parents.

Honestly, I really loved the book. It went places I had no idea it would go. Still I could see the main character evolving.  Cann also has another e-book available, Art's Story. Its actually an aftermath of the LOVE TRIOLOGY with Coll and Art. Many of her fans wanted her to write more about Art. Unfortunately, the publishers found her character to dark so they wouldn't publish the final installment. She started to post some of it on her website. Finally she published and of course, I can't wait to read the final installment.

Breaking Up

If you really like someone, you don't want to tie them down, make them feel bad. You want them to be free.
- Fliss
Breaking up by Kate Cann.

If you like books with a British accent..well, you will be delighted with this one.


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Gah! Emily Rudd is so pretty! I LOVE these collages! :)

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She is lovely! Sounds like a great book!