Friday, August 16, 2013

Hell on Wheels

Its back..for a third season. With a new head writer. Of course, controversy is already brewing after the second episode.

The lead character,(Anson Mount) Cullen a bit out of character. Especially, when we find him with a young Morman girl in the families' barn. Lots a folks are shaking their head at that. Bowhand would have never done that.

Its amazing the show has reseracted since the Swed did the town in last summer. He escaped his hanging too. There is no Lily Bell played by Dominique McElligott. Of course, this might have upset Bohannan's balance. Still those who believe in Mount's character knows he definitely respects women.
Common's Elam is much more than a sidekick. Honestly, I love his story, and I'm so glad he's on the show.

Hell on Wheels is based on the moving railroad town when the railroad was built across Nebraska. The story does have a lot of history. What I liked about the show is the exposure of how war affected many men after the Civil War. Its been a show for Common to make ground breaking, too.

But who I miss the most on the series is Eddie Spears' Joseph Black Moon. We aren't sure why new head writer John Wirth did not include Eddie's character. Joseph Black Moon is not dead. I'm still not certain what happened to his character. I really wish AMC would think about giving Spears his own TV show...Doesn't BLACK MOON RISING sound like a show with potential?



Cafe Fashionista said...

I think I would like this show. :)

Sara Gerard said...

Kyle watches this show! I have seen clips of it here and there, it seems pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

I would love, love , love a Joseph Black Moon Spinoff show!!!