Wednesday, August 28, 2013

See Girl Run

This is definitely a film for any Indie movie lover. Also if you are a Adam Scott fan, you'll want to take a look at this little gem which isn't a love story. Yet, a unique take on what happens to relationship, especially when you've moved on and yet you didn't break up. And is love really enough to make it work?

Emmy (Robin Tunney) is a ripe candidate to be on a reality show about meeting a past love that you broke up with. Except, there is a loop hole in her case. "We never broke up..." But Emmy is married to Graham, who helped her get her own dog walking business in New York City. But their marriage is growing stale, and the kicker is night when a romantic moment could be well on its way to happening..he casually admits that she smells like a dog.

What I liked about the film, was the segment later of  Adam Scott's Jason with co-worker Aubrey Dollar in a romantic scene that turns sour. About how predictable their sex life is. These are scenes you don't find often at the cinema.

Granted, the whole time, we do hope Jason gets together with Emmy. In spite of coming home, Emmy is definitely trying to avoid Jason.

Truly, Adam Scott's most complex character yet. He's an artist who only draws frogs, and he hasn't had much success with it. Still surviving with money from his parents. Honestly, this movie has a lot of layers. Yet, it can't be overlooked of the big picture one must look at while making life changing decisions.

Lots of strong performances in the supporting cast. Jeremy Strong plays Emmy's brother who is clinically depressed and has moved back home. I liked how it showed the family thinking they are dealing with his problem, yet his parents bicker constantly about him.

I really am glad I found this film. Its no blockbuster, but well done with the cast and script and I liked the cinematography of Maine and New York City.



Cafe Fashionista said...

This sounds like such an original film. :)

Sara Gerard said...

Looks like something I would love to watch!

ellie said...

I so loved Adam in this movie. I just love him. I kept rooting for him, too. Especially, being the lobster guy. But his character did stay true to his first love..FROG ART.

MOSAMUSE said...

looks good!