Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Its a Master Piece production. Although, just a little odd to see its a show about Charles Dicken's unfinished novel.

Still, Freddie Fox plays Edwin Drood. He's happy go lucky and one must wonder if he's chosen the wrong to be bride. She's a mystery to him. Rose is played by Tamzin Merchant.

It seems his relative Jack Jasper played by Matthew Rhys is rather unhappy as a choir director so he has taken to the opim den where he has vivid dreams of murdering Edwin so he can be with Rose.

You might remember him on The Americans.

Rhys' performance is spot on and he grows more sinister throughout the show.

The show is in two parts. The later of it is more miss than hit. We can only wonder if Dickens would have wanted it to end that way. Still its a show with worthy performances.

I'm a fan of Freddie Fox so I was happy to see him in this.



Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks like such an intriguing film! :)

Lucy and Sarah said...

I so want to see Freddie in more than just period pieces. Something about him reminds me of Toni Colette.