Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The New Dr. Who

Capaldi: The Grumpy Cat- Calculated Madness

Let’s hope Peter Capaldi does a good job at being the 12th Doctor. He may not be ginger and he is a bit older.But as long as he’s a good actor and does a good job at being the doctor I will be happy. Good luck Peter :D- Lovewill

Meeting yourself after travelling in time for so long…ALL GEEK
Yes, Peter was a guest on the show a few years back, but you probably knew that already if you're a Whovin.

I think the thing we haven’t mentioned yet though is Capaldi is going to be someone’s favorite Doctor. There are some people who will fall utterly in love with 12. He will give them hope and spirit and they will quote him and dress up as him and keep posters of him because they need him in a way no character or even previous Doctor has spoken to them before. He will even be some people’s first Doctor, the one who brings them into the fandom, the community, the worlds.-Brilliant Idiots

Peter Capaldi has been in such cool shows like THE HOUR and TORCHWOOD. He was the narrator of COLD BLOOD. He is from Glasgow, Scotland and is certainly a seasoned actor. He's a writer and a director too.

What are your thoughts on the New Dr. Who?



Cafe Fashionista said...

I have never seen this show before. I must, must check it out! :)

Sara Gerard said...

I am on the fence. I am glad that there is finally another older Doctor, but, I am a bit peeved that they played it so safe. I wanna see a female Doctor, Doctors of different races, a bloody ginger! ;) BBC recycles actors! Martha was also in an earlier episode before she was a companion, and one of the ladies from Torchwood was also on Doctor Who.