Thursday, September 12, 2013


I dunno how to explain it, but he's like the Vin Diesel of the dance music world.

Armando Christian Pérez is only 32 and been on the dance scene since 2002 with his rap and music. This is one guy from Miami who definitely knows how to get the party started.

He is one of my favorite artist to work out too. I know if I were at this disco I'd have to be on the floor every time one of his songs is on.

Do you have a favorite Pitbull song?



  1. I have never listened to Pitbull before. :/

  2. Argh..I hate how I post music from YOU TUBE..and it won't show up the next day.

  3. They play him a lot at a bar we sometimes go to. He does well with dance music.


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