Wednesday, October 23, 2013


If you're a punk rock lover, you'll want to catch this film if you can. Its all about a little club in New York City..well..its actually about the father of Punk Rock Music Hilly Crystal who's intention was to open up a little place for blues and country music, but he decided he'd let just about anyone play at his little dive.

Alan Rickman plays Hilly who's not the best businessman in the world, but he has a dream..and that dream involves music. His club was the launch of a new breed of music. It was loud. Singers who didn't exactly have fabulous voices. Well, there is Patti Smith and a few other. But with his help we might not have never known bands like The Talking Heads, The Ramones and Blondie.


Its a film filled with lots of great songs. Also some fun performance from Rupert Grint and Justin Bartha as THE DEAD BOYS. Also Kyle Gallner had his moment as Lou Reed and Taylor Hawkins was a fabulous Iggy Pop. Malin Ackerman played Blondie.

Ashely Greene in CBGB

For me, it’s a really exciting thing to be able to help portray this moment in time at this establishment that was such a big piece and part of people’s lives.
— Ashley Greene about her role in CBGB

I really enjoyed the film and how it told the story of Crystal who had a club that so many bands wanted to play in. Ashely Greene played his very New Yorker daughter Lisa who basically saved him from future financial stress. The man liked to keep his money in a freezer.

Blondie. Iggy & The Ramones

If you really enjoy music, and the cool history of Punk Rock, this one has a lot of fun moments and great songs.



  1. I absolutely love music - I may need to check it out!! Thank you for popping by my blog also xo


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