Friday, January 24, 2014

Being Human

The UK version made their exit last year which was really sad to see the series over. Perhaps replacing the characters with a new generation of a ghost, werewolf and vampire hurt the show. Although, I really loved the bromance between Tom and Hal.

Yet the Canadian/USA version is in full throttle this season on the SyFy channel. And nobody does it better on TV with ghost stories like Being Human does with Sally's tragic endings and troubled beginnings this season. She's having to share her space with the ultimate witch.

Things are no better for Josh and Nora and their werewolf lives. When he's human she's a wolf. Will they ever be in sync again?

Aidan is living the life with a history professor but then who should show up? Oh, that witch of a wife of his that's centuries old, but nobody does it bet that GINGER SNAPS' Katharine Isabelle as Susanna Waite.

And Connor Price is back as Kenny who isn't so ill fated as thought. Still a mystery how he is OK now as the last vamp that Aidan changed wasn't the best transition. It'll be interesting to see just how Aidan will deal with him.

The new season is off to a gripping start. This is one show that keeps you wanting more, and it finds a way to deliver with satisfaction.



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