Sunday, January 12, 2014


Was it even worth FOX to produce this comedy? Granted, you've got an eye-candy cast of three brothers played by Geoff Stults (the older brother), Parker Young and Chris Lowell. They play brothers in the army.

I don't think the real army would have kept these three. Not these days. And I don't think the Army would want to look this ridiculous.

This is no Gomer Pyle. I know that was the Marines, anyway. Still, the writing isn't there for true character development in Enlisted. It would be sweet if something of a golden comedy could be re-invented for modern TV, but you won't find it in this show.
"I feel like I’m at a One Direction concert", "The panda is my spirit animal", and "Your back feels like memory foam" - the quotes of the night-worse than nicotine

Sure its about a bunch of goofballs. Some are overweight too. Most would be paying the government back it they were in this physical condition. I don't think an army base like this would ever exist, coming off like summer camp in MEATBALLS.

Its hard to say who they hand in mind when this show was created. No, this would be the time to think about something more along the lines of LONE SURVIVOR than a lame comedy like this. Haven't the writers watched ARMY WIVES?

Anyway, its sad to think that I can find 3 of my favorite actors in something like this. I guess I'm glad they are at least on TV these day. But I do wonder how long it'll take for FOX to yank it from their schedule.

STORYLINE: Centers on Sgt. Pete Hill who, after a stint in Afghanistan, is stationed at a small military base in Florida to tackle the toughest job of them all leading his dysfunctional brothers' squad.



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