Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm fan girling

Stiles LOVE


Monday night's episode on Teen Wolf was amazing thanks to those wonderful acting skills of Dylan's.

Best Bromance ever!

And maybe Lydia will wake up to the truth.

So many FEELS!

Endless Love

The Original book was written in 1967. Then the original film came out in the 80's with Brooke Sheilds. And now its been revisted by Alex & Gabby as David and Jade.

Now the opening of this story is quite a whopper. David is so stalkerish and practically in love with the whole family.

Oddly, as he set the house on fire, her parents have decided to go on an LSD trip. What?

This about blew my mind. 

Anyway, I'm hoping the novel gets an update because the one written in the 60's is pretty terrible. The guy takes forever to explain anything going on. And are we really sure he's a good guy?

Anyway, worst date ever with a book.

AWESOME DUDE! in snowboarding Sage Kotsenburg

Such a fun pair to watch on ice! Volosozhar & Trankovo

The new IT GUY! at Sochi! Yuzuru Hanyu


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

How cute is Sage?!


Anonymous said...

Sage is like my Casey James of the Olympics!!