Thursday, February 27, 2014

St. Vincent

If you've missed her music, just this week she has some new songs for your playlist with the CD titled St. Vincent.

Fans are getting into Birth in Reverse and Prince Johnny but my favorite on the new CD is Digital Witness.

St. Vincent is Annie Clark who is quirky and whimsical with her lyrics and music.

 Clark has been a proud pusher of boundaries since the release of her solo debut album "Marry Me" in 2007. She has also in that time struck up a useful partnership with the "Head" Talking Head David Byrne and if 2012's joint effort "Love this Giant" was quite what it promised then Clark's self titled fourth album sets the record straight.-Red on Black
This American song writer and singer started her career with The Polyphonic Spree. She was also part of Sufjan Stevens' touring band. With those kind of credits you expect some original sounds from this woman.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I love her look; now I have to check out her sound.


ellie's desk said...

She is an interesting artist. I just might have to have her latest CD.

Sara Gerard said...

I'll have to check her out! She seems pretty cool!