Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm fangirling..

Stiles and Malia happened..Virgins losing their virginity on TEENWOLF. 

Actually, I knew it would have to happen the moment Stiles saw Malia. Maybe even before when he was trying to help his Dad crack a case.

But to be in the basement of a mental institute to seal the deed..I dunno..its not pleasing all TeenWolf fans. They felt it was too forced.... What about Lydia?

Well, she's had her fun with sooo many.. already. This was destined..before Stiles loses his soul to join the dark side..for good...Perhaps.

Anyway, The Echo House episode did have its moments..most definitely.
Crazy Lil Liars

Nobody does it better than Pretty Little Liars. The show might not be much when it comes to suspense and intrigue, but let them get in a tizzy and WOW..they are show stoppers. Not sure who I LOVE best Spencer or Aria at the moment when it comes to Crazy BLOWUPS.

Still, Hannah needs her own show so she can flirt for answers and kiss police officers..ANYWHERE.

Still not sure I'm up with Paige. If I were Emily I'd let this girlfriend go. Who knows..what if Paige is the real A?

We might never know. We might not even care anymore. Get these girls out of high school! They should be in college by now.

Can we talk about Jack?

I hear he's on the Harry Potter album. 

He's the new bad boy, maybe just misunderstood, Charlie McBride on Twisted. And he's got his eyes set on Jo now.

Maybe he'll shake things up for her in a good way. Yet, he does have a lot of stalkerish qualities about him. His character Charlie was in juvie and he's heard stories about Jo..from guess who?

Jack has been in LifeTime's Escape from Polygamy. Lets hope the writers make the most of Charlie McBride.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Speaking of Harry Potter...did you hear that Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe are going to star in the live-people version of The Little Mermaid? Excited!!


ellie said...

That is so cool to hear!

ivy said...

I'd so want to see it if those 2 are in it!

ivy said...

I'd so want to see it if those 2 are in it!