Monday, March 17, 2014

Need For Speed

OK, so it might not be a St. Patty's day movie, but hey, if you need some adventure..this just might be the ticket. It came in 3rd this past week at the box office. And it does have Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. And, its in a lot of theaters..which the Veronica Mars movie isn't.

I went and saw Need for Speed and the movie was giving me the feels all over the place. At the start of the movie I literally was sitting there like wtf this movie sucks and I wasted my $11.50 (saw it in 3D) on this crap but after he got arrested the first time I was so into it because it got interesting and it was funny and I cried and laughed and sighed and got mad it was fun though. I’m glad I went to see it :)-Tiera

STORYLINE: Fresh from prison, a street racer who was framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross country race with revenge in mind. His ex-partner, learning of the plan, places a massive bounty on his head as the race begins.

Imogin Poots is the love interest and says she did some of her stunts. This is a British girl who doesn't even have her driver's license, but it didn't hold her back from making the most of this fast paced movie.

I walked in the cinema expecting fast cars, street racing, crazy cop chases, drifting and explosions and that's exactly what I got! 

This film is called "Need for Speed" and is based on a video game. This alone tells us not to expect character development, genius plot twists and memorable dialogues. This films delivers exactly what it set out to deliver. -Xun



Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

LOVE Imogen Poots!!


Sara Gerard said...

Not my type of movie, but Imogen Poots is adorable!

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Lady Lilith said...

Sounds like a good film. Thanks for sharing.