Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Truly, this is Joe Cole's movie. You might not have heard of him, but hopefully you'll find him intriguing on the screen. He has one of those faces with the essences of an old soul. I've watched on a couple of episodes of SKINS and he definitively can eat up the screen.  He's now in BBC's Peaky Blinders.
"We’re all sinners in here.

Yeah some more than others.”

The story does have grit. And it starts with basically a punch as his character Tommy forces his way into to the system for justice. Kimberly Nixon plays Elise, a probation officer, who is the love of Tommy's life. And he was such a good boy when things were good for them in London, but Elise overheard some hoodlums ..the number one being Jake (English Frank) and Jake can't have that she knows that he and a  few of his guys were in a smash and he pretty much beats her up on her way home from work.

Thus puts and end to Tommy and Elise's little family. This is when Tommy knows his life will never be the same either, he goes to prison to find Jake.

Now to some, they might  find just a little be of some over acting. Especially, with English Frank. Still, I can't deny that Cole's got swag. He definitely goes off the deep end.
A memory back from last February of when i was working on the film Offender. This is a photo from the set, me and the rest of the Muslim Gang in the film. was a great memory, loved every bit of it.-Can Somer

Actually, I liked the influence of the Muslim community within the prison and how it might be the only sanity one can find while serving time. What I did like about the film was the cinematography and the feel of prison life. And how this world is so far from the outside. And the life of prison guards is dark and possibly psychotic.

Malachi Kirby did a remarkable job as Tommy's roommate in the movie.

Yes, its a dark movie, and violent as well. There is at one point I did wonder if the story would just end like a blood stain on the wall, but there is hope. There are those that are good in this very bitter world.  Yet, I'm not certain Tommy can ever be who he once was before prison. Just as he put his mark on the prison, it is certain the prison has changed him too.

STORYLINE: Justice needs to be served at Britain's most notorious young offenders institute. 



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This looks so dramatic!


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Wow, looks pretty intense!