Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm Fan Girling

Oh..I shall miss Being Human. Especially the American/Canadian version.

I've had time to get over the original Being Human. Granted, they had a new vampire, werewolf and ghost the last season and it dealt with an old demon who was trying to bring on the apocalyptic ending, but the three band together ..did away with him in the end..and what do you know..became human.

So...sort of a spoiler the American version, there was a demon in Josh, Aidan and Sally's house, and when they decided to move..the little girl just wouldn't have it. So some sacrifices were made.

Sally gave up her ghost for the love of vampire Aidan and he became human.

I enjoyed that part of the finale. Aidan getting to enjoy the simple things in life, like fast food. Anyway, I suppose it was a downer to know this was the last season. It was for me. What better way to end it..than to burn down the house. Honestly, that house was a character too.

TheWrap: “What was the significance of Aidan donning his leather jacket in that final battle with Ramona?”(Knowing Souls)
Sam Witwer: “I kept pushing the producers to let Aidan wear his leather jacket. They were very resistant at first. They thought that was a vampire thing. I argued that the jacket was not about being a vampire, but represented his struggle more than anything. For example, when we’ve seen Aidan in better times as a vampire, he was always wearing better clothes. That jacket is old, raggedy and beat up. It’s representative of who he’s trying to be. So, I kept pushing for that and thankfully I finally talked our director and executive producer Stefan Pleszczynski into it. What I had to do was in the old man makeup, which was wonderfully done by Erik Gosselin, I had to walk down the hallway with the jacket on and the old man walk. And when he saw it, he realized it wasn’t Aidan trying to look cool. It looked even sadder. That was the point. It’s a struggle. The Twitter response was great when he put on the jacket, because it signified that we’re going to have a showdown.” (x)

So, I guess we got what we wanted in the end from the show. It should make viewers happy, yet who's to say what would make viewers happy. Especially, if its one of your favorite shows.



cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I totally want to see this show!!


ellie's desk said...

I am so gonna miss this show!!!